PACT "The Dragon Lineage of Satan" CD

PACT "The Dragon Lineage of Satan" CD
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    New US Cult PACT debut their "The Dragon Lineage of Satan". Harsh and harrowing and yet with an otherworldly atmosphere, PACT take traditional Black Metal and twist it to their own, disturbing design. "USBM" might be a hot topic right now, but with a highly developed study of the occult as their foundation, PACT are prepared to burn the rulebook and become rulers of their own golden dawn!

    * Debut album from the new USBM killer !
    * Features a stunning production from Nuclear Funeral Studio’s (Pact)!
    * Cult cover art by Jason M. Prazer (Pact).
    * Cult yet brutal Black Metal with extremely sick vocals.
    * The next BIG US Black Metal act!
    * Mandatory for fans of Marduk, Watain, Deathspell Omega and Ondskapt.

    01. Litany to Satan
    02. Into Heaven's Night
    03. Dreamless Death
    04. Ecstasy and Illumination
    05. The Flowers of Evil
    06. The Middle Pillar
    07. Ascention from the Fall
    08. Terror of the Lower Astral (The Journey)
    09. Suicide Sigil
    10. A Vast Eternity