CHASMA "Declarations of the Grand Artificer" CD

CHASMA "Declarations of the Grand Artificer" CD
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    From the thriving Cascadian Black Metal scene comes a new, potent elemental force: CHASMA's epic debut album, "Declarations of the Grand Artificer". With three songs clocking in at 33 minutes, "Declarations of the Grand Artificer" seeks transcendence through ragged fury, shape-shifting dynamics and frequently beautiful excursions, recasting classic Black Metal into otherworldly shapes with a plausibly modern contour. Mystical yet emotional, of the earth and yet aiming for the cosmos, CHASMA are poised to break beyond the underground and blaze their own trail!

    * New highlight of the thriving Cascadian Black Metal scene!
    * Features members of indie rock doom band Nanda Devi.
    * Stunning production by Adam Pike @ Toadhouse Studio (Red Fang, Black Elk)!
    * Mandatory for fans of Agalloch, Wolves In The Throne Room, Weakling and joyless.

    1. Daystar Angelwar (11:16)
    2. Shadowbend (9:29)
    3. Blue Jewel Destruction (11:47)