HORNA "Hengen Tulet" CD

HORNA "Hengen Tulet" CD
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    Label: W.T.C.
    Nation: Finland
    Style: Black Metal
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    Horna's ninth full length album. The Band's previous full length album "Askel lähempänä Saatanaa" was something of a throwback to mid '90s black metal classicism. HORNA continue to refine that approach, and yet bring back in the filthier textures of the Corvus years. Hengen Tulet carries forward a similar songwriting aesthetic - surging 'n' swooshing speed, spiraling melody both majestic and malevolent - but reinvigorates a foul, fetid primitivism. It's still a supremely varied yet focused spin, compact (and caustic) as ever, but the headbanging, hard-charging tropes are surely a sign of HORNA's well-oiled machinery lately on the live front, where Spellgoth has cultivated no small amount of infamy for his penetrating performances. The third glorious epoch of HORNA continues with Hengen Tulet...