BATTLESTORM "Demonic Iincursion" Digi CD

BATTLESTORM "Demonic Iincursion" Digi CD
    Code: TRA14
    Price: $11.99
    Label: Trauma Records
    Nation: Singapore
    Style: Death / Black Metal
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    A blistering reissue of debut album from Singapore's bestial death/black/thrash band. Nine ravenous hymns of raw aggression and blasphemous melody. 'Demonic Incursion' is a definitive listen, proving the fact that Asia produces such headbanging aural assault. Comes in 500 LIMITED digipak CDs, with 2 bonus covers of black metal masters SARCOFAGO and BLASPHEMY! Behold the underworld Thundergods! Behold BATTLESTORM! Also a different and great new cover artwork!