ABIGAIL / TRACTÖR "Split" CD Lim. Ed. 500

ABIGAIL / TRACTÖR "Split" CD Lim. Ed. 500
    Code: TCRC004
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Thrashing Cult Records
    Nation: Japan / China
    Style: Thrash / D-Beat Hardcore/Punk
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    Alternate title “乱心肉獄”. 
    Filthy D-Beat rocking invasion by Beijing sexy big butt TRACTÖR, and the infamous Tokyo underground cult act, ABIGAIL. Each band contributes 4 songs, "Sex! Beer! Rock'n'Roll!", catchy as hell! Track 1, 2, Recorded in January 2017. Track 3, 4, Recorded in November 2005. Track 2 and 3 Session Vocals by Gezol (SABBAT)!! Limited Edition 500 copies, comes with OBI- A Thrashing Cult Records co-release with Dying Art Production.