KAFIRUN "Eschaton" CD

KAFIRUN "Eschaton" CD
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    Label: Séance Records
    Nation: Canada
    Style: Occult Black Metal
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    New 2017 album of profound Occult Black Metal from Canada. 'Eschaton' explores the end of the manifested world - an apocalypse that brings the end of all life and begets the opening of a new beginning through death - and opens this portal through thoroughly dizzying, manically majestic black metal. Finding that elusive balance between the resolutely raw & primitive and the dynamically complex, Kafirun create a constantly shapeshifting maelstrom of macrocosm-crushing chaos and (dis)order. Across seven tracks within a concise & cutting 42 minutes, the quartet portray a bold vision, and one whose maturity belies the band's brief existence so far!