NIGHT DEMON "Live Darkness" Digipak 2xCD

NIGHT DEMON "Live Darkness" Digipak 2xCD
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    Label: Shadow Kingdom
    Nation: USA
    Style: Heavy Metal
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    NIGHT DEMON's long-awaited first live album, Live Darkness. One of the hottest names in today's traditional metal renaissance, NIGHT DEMON have built up a near-untouchable reputation on the back of their two studio albums - 2015's Curse of the Damned and 2017's Darkness Remains, both modern classics in the making - as well as especially onstage. There, in front of sweaty 'n' baying crowds across the world, the power-trio have slayed all who dared to witness them live in the flesh. Accurately titled, Live Darkness now brings that live-onstage experience to your home stereo! Set to be released on triple-LP vinyl and digipack double-CD, Live Darkness is an exhaustive survey of NIGHT DEMON's iron-clad canon, ranging songs from both studio albums as well as their self-titled debut EP and even new single "Black Widow." With an hour-and-a-half runtime and 23 songs total, Live Darkness is the complete package - so complete, you'd swear you were in the audience!