NORTHERN "Cabin Fever" MCD

NORTHERN "Cabin Fever" MCD
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    Label: Sinistrari Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Black Metal
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    NortherN (formerly Cold Northern Vengeance) from the frozen land of GG Allin ( aka New Hampshire ) offers the listener 7 Rustic Charms of Darkness on their latest offering to the Gods below entitled 'Cabin Fever' out on Sinistrari Records.
    The rugged coldness of a blizzard in the woods coupled with a whiskey bent misanthropic view of the world at large will lead you to a depressive and paradoxical conclusion. Do not put your faith in mankind . Look to the mountains and the secrets of the North... Stockpile ammo, carry a pistol , tend to the fire , crack the bottle of bourbon and heed the call of the NortherN black wind ...
    Northern plays Pagan, cold, perplexing black metal!