EXTINCT DREAMS, THE "Fragments of Eternity" Digi CD

EXTINCT DREAMS, THE "Fragments of Eternity" Digi CD
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    Label: Stygian Crypt Productions
    Nation: Russia
    Style: Funeral Doom / Death Metal
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    The Extinct Dreams' new album features four songs that eclipse 47 minutes in runtime. Fragments of Eternity infuses both harsh and clean vocals much like Shape of Despair does, or even Skepticism. The instrumentation evokes a feel similar to the most recent Funeral Mothalbum, Transience, or Canada's Longing For Dawn. "Karma" is the album's longest track at 18 minutes, highlighted by Das's soaring guitar. The album shifts into increasingly shorter songs. Personal favorite, "Damodara Stotra", takes on a darker Death-Doom persona that is dragged through an undertow of bass and drums. The album's final two songs, "In Search of Itself" and the title track continue to carry the album's needle closer to the Death-Doom side of the gauge, but it never loses its feelings of atmosphere or sullenness. Fragments of Eternity is an exciting piece of Funeral Doom and one of the highlights that the genre has offered so far this year. While a little on the shorter side, relative to other Funeral Doom albums, it still manages to pack many bright moments into its four songs. The Extinct Dreams' third album is easy to digest and an easy album to compliment other noteworthy acts of the Funeral Doom genre.