FATHOMLESS MISERY "Lifeless Soul Evaporation" CD

FATHOMLESS MISERY "Lifeless Soul Evaporation" CD
    Code: RZD132
    Price: $9.99
    Label: Razed Soul
    Nation: United Kingdom
    Style: Atmospheric Black Metal
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    Fathomless Misery is the brainchild of one man from the East Anglia area of England. "Lifeless Soul Evaporation" is the second full length release and continues the spirit of the debut release which features a slow deliberate style and lengthy song composition. "Lifeless Soul Evaporation" is not for the easily distracted listener as it is meant to be consumed in its entirety of 64 minutes in one sitting. Musically, the five tracks deliver a soul crushing wall of doom ridden black metal empty of light and with an unsettling edge of chaos.