NIPENTHIS "One With the Void" CD

NIPENTHIS "One With the Void" CD
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    Label: Razed Soul
    Nation: Greece
    Style: Black Metal
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    Originating from Greece as a one-man project, Nipenthis has evolved into full quintet over time putting forth just a single EP and split release during the better part of a decade but never ceasing to hone their craft via live performances. Now prepared to unleash their first full length, One With the Void displays their skill via a traditional brand of black metal dripping with poisonous venom. Recorded at Devasoundz studios and mixed/mastered in Descent studios by Dionysis Dimitrakos, the eight tracks will quench the thirst of the black metal purist who sips on the nectar of an evil darkness. Lim. Ed 500 copies!