NOTT "Immaculate Eclipse" CD

NOTT "Immaculate Eclipse" CD
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    Label: Razed Soul
    Nation: Italy
    Style: Black Metal
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    Second full length from Italy's Nott, the black metal project from Mortifero. Rooted in the traditions of the 90s with hints of melody and neck-snapping riffs, Immaculate Eclipse showcases a host of guest musicians include Dave (Entirety), Akerbeltz (Körgull the Exterminator / Akerbeltz), Necro Krieg (Hexenfaust / Malignance), and Noctuaria (Nebrus / Urticant / Flusso Delirante Persecutorio). Ultimately, the nine tracks deliver a lightning bolt of darkness through the hearts of the weak. Lim. Ed 500 copies!