FROSTAGRATH "The Defective Incarnation" CD

FROSTAGRATH "The Defective Incarnation" CD
    Code: RZD090
    Price: $9.99
    Label: Razed Soul
    Nation: Egypt
    Style: Depressive Black Metal
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    Hailing from Egypt, Frostagrath is the creative device for lone artist Lord Mist which has produced a handful of small run full lengths and split releases primarily on CD-r format. Displaying a consuming atmospheric style replete with melancholic and sad emotions, A Defective Incarnation is comprised of six tracks with a dense, mature composition. While Lord Mist contributes all instrument work, two tracks feature guest vocals from German artist Baldur Pest who favors a harsher style bringing new elements into the finished work. In the end A Defective Incarnation exceeds the standard depressive fare and drips with the lugubrious feeling of having had and lost.