GUTWRENCH "Mausoleum... To Dwell & Rot In" CD

GUTWRENCH "Mausoleum... To Dwell & Rot In" CD
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    Label: Razorback Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Death Metal
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    The domain of the undead looms over the north of Mexico... and its name is GUTWRENCH, evoking ghastly and putrid sounds like those that was hurled by the old corpses exhumed from their timeless graves!
    GUTWRENCH's debut album, "Mausoleum...To Dwell & Rot In", is 8 tracks of ungodly, low-tuned, morbid and doomy Death Metal in the most murky and grotesque way possible! This album is another horrific masterpiece of pure repulsive horror DEATH in the way that only Razorback Recordings can bring you!