NECRYTIS "Dread En Ruin" CD

NECRYTIS "Dread En Ruin" CD
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    Label: Pure Steel
    Nation: USA
    Style: Heavy Metal
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    With “Countersighns”, NECRYTIS by former Onward main man Toby Knapp already had a deal with Pure Steel Publishing. Now, not even one year later, the second output “Dread En Ruin” is already finished and Necrytis join the main roster of talent on Pure Steel Records! With the new album fans of traditional, straight 80s US/Power Metal with a slight melodic edge will be blown away again. The influence of Onward can be heard everywhere, although Toby provides his work here with an even more progressive and playful mark. Drummer, vocalist, lyricist Shane Wacaster and Knapp have created an album that not only salutes the obvious influences of Fates Warning and Queensryche but gives a nod towards early NWOBHM era Def Leppard and even vintage Jethro Tull!