BLACK CANDLE "Smoke and Monolith" CD

BLACK CANDLE "Smoke and Monolith" CD
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    We advise to all lovers of grim (here we mean "really grim!") and occult Metal music to pay close attention to this CD! The strong influence of the Swiss Dark scene is evident. But this is only a "plus"! Connoisseurs of such unusual and brilliant bands like MORDOR, SADNESS, and even the old SAMAEL - please take this CD. We give you a guarantee - you will like this album. After the recording of the first three albums - "Nightfire", "The Faceless Angel" and "Lead Me to the Tombs" Simon finally gone mad (the death of a fellow band member obviously played an important role in this) - Now Blackness is generated spontaneously in his work. A little more ... and it will fill the whole world