RAVEN THRONE "Šliacham Zabytych" Digibook CD

RAVEN THRONE "Šliacham Zabytych" Digibook CD
    Code: PS113
    Price: $14.99
    Label: Possession Records
    Nation: Belarus
    Style: Black Metal
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    Possession Prods presents the new album of Belarusian black metal band RAVEN THRONE. True Crivian Black Metal with aura of our forests and bogs - you'll hear it from the first seconds. There is an atmosphere that could be found only here, at our ancient Baltic Lands. Great record and great piece of art. That's why we are releasing this album as elite digibook limited to 500 hand numbered copies. First 50 copies include exclusive patch. "Šliacham Zabytych" will cover you with the turf of oblivion and leave you wandering, contemplating the grandeur of the stinking bog entrails and listening to the proud song of ravens circling over your unmarked grave.