VULCANO "Wholly Wicked" CD

VULCANO "Wholly Wicked" CD
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    Label: PRC
    Nation: Brazil
    Style: Black / Thrash
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    Ninth studio album, the aptly entitled "Wholly Wicked". Considered the first extreme metal band from Brazil (and by many the first South American extreme metal band), VULCANO formed in 1981 and released its first single somewhere in between 1982 and 1983 (entitled "Om Pushne Namah") and started playing live. The first demo "Devil on my roof" was released in 1984 quickly followed by the first live album ("Vulcano Live!") ever released by a Brazilian band. The band went on releasing the very first brazilian Black Metal album in the shape of "Bloody Vengeance" in 1986 (now boosting a cult status worldwide!). The following years were as productive with new albums in 1987 ("Anthropophagy") and 1989 ("Who Are The True"). The band went on forging their sound and following with various live prestations and touring, securing on the rebound a record deal with COGUMELO, who went on reissuing their catalog and offered the band's music more distribution, promotion and visibility worldwide. Fast forward to 2003, after various band problems, tragedies and a welcomed quiet period, a new album entitled "Tales From The Black Book" brought back the now legendary band at the forefront of the scene. More releases followed up in 2006 (Split EP with NIFELHEIM) and in 2009 ("Five Skulls and One Chalice"). VULCANO, went on the roads in Europe for the first time in 2010 ("Bloody Vengeance in Europe Tour"). "Drowning in Blood" is released in 2011 and consecrated the band as a driving force within the underground metal scene once and for all. Forging off the success of the 2011 album, VULCANO went on destroying stages all over Europe on its second Euro tour. In April 2013, according to the specialized press, the band released "The Man, The Key, The Beast" and quickly embarked on yet another European tour ("Thunder Metal Tour - Conquering Europe" alongside NIFELHEIM and THE STONE. 2014 was one of the busiest year for VULCANO, releasing Wholly Wicked” and yet another live album (recorded in Stockholm on 09.05.2013) called “LIVE II - Stockholm Stormed ” once again followed by the “Evil Always Returns” European tour. A new EP is scheduled for 2015 (“The Awakening of an Ancient and Wicked Soul - A Trilogy”).