AKRABU "Ziggurat Ascension" CD

AKRABU "Ziggurat Ascension" CD
    Code: NAUGHT22
    Price: $11.99
    Label: Nihilward Productions
    Nation: Germany
    Style: Ambient
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    Bones and echoes of aeons past are buried in desert sands. Sigils carved in stone monoliths of Sumerian ziggurats are still keeping the arcanes of blasphemous sorcery... impure art of those nameless and ancient. At sunset, magician touch the strings to summon the night shadows - then, Ifrits and Genii answer his call, howling their eerie memories... AKRABU, 49 minutes of Folk/Ritual music created by Scorpios (ACHERONTAS, CRIMSON MOON etc), filled by Mesopotamian mysticism - for all the worshippers of NILE/Karl Sanders, MELECHESH and BLOOD OF KINGU... But no distorted guitar sounds here - it's all about ritualistic ambience.