FLEGETHON "Behind a Side of Times" CD w/ Slipcase

FLEGETHON "Behind a Side of Times" CD w/ Slipcase
    Code: MARCH004
    Price: $11.99
    Label: Satanarsa Records
    Nation: Russia
    Style: Black / Funeral Doom Metal
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    Imagine that you are the hero of a horror short story. One day you leave your house and walk straight ahead. At some point, beyond barren lands, burned forests and rivers of mud, you will reach the edge of the world… this is bound to happen. Then, you will have to make your presence known to the dark void before you… and Flegethonwill answer you. This one-man band belongs to another dimension, the one summoned by the feverish visions of Lovecraft. The Doom scene will never be grateful enough for the spiritual nourishment that the author has offered it. Glory be to him! Glory be to his worshippers!