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    Label: Napalm Records
    Nation: Sweden
    Style: Folk Metal
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    The 8th Folk Metal Masterpiece from the Swedish Visionary. "Jordpuls" adds yet another masterpiece to Vintersorg's already impressive discography. The unrelenting visionary allows this particular album to glimpse back at the past. The result is an imposing symbiosis of traditional and modern elements taken from the Swede's characteristic sound cosmos. Folk metal anthems meet icy black metal passages and Nordic melodies. The mix delivers multifaceted and memorable songs that carry the mastermind's unique signature. The album is completely sung in Swedish and its lyrics borrow from Vintersorg's past themes: Revolving around man and nature, unique phenomena in the wild, and philosophical observations. Vintersorg's unmistakable and powerful vocals-from clean to extreme-reign over each track with resounding force, while his production prowess gives the songs a crystal-clear and potent sound. "Jordpuls" (Earth's Pulse) impressively combines tradition with modernism, while showcasing the best of the Swedish visionary.