PAIMONIA "Disease Named Humanity" CD

PAIMONIA "Disease Named Humanity" CD
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    PAIMONIA have masterfully tapped into the early to mid 90's era of the classic Swedish black metal sound pioneered by artists like Dawn, Dissection and Ophthalamia with influence from artists like Sacramentum and Unanimated, a sound brought forth to the world by defunct legendary labels like No Fashion Rec. and Necropolis Rec. PAIMONIA have resurrected the flame of this era, bringing forth a punishing assault of beautiful, blasphemous decimation, wearing their influences on their sleeve but having their own essence of distinction. Assaulting your senses with melodic black metal and a slight melodic death metal influence, this release will explode unto the world and make it remember of an exciting time that once was...but these are merely words. Immerse yourself in the album preview at the youtube link, Revel in a sound that once was and will be again!