METAL INQUISITOR "Unconditional Absolution" CD

METAL INQUISITOR "Unconditional Absolution" CD
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    Label: Hellion
    Nation: Germany
    Style: Heavy Metal
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    Sir Lord Doom states "Most of the tracks come straight and heavy, while there are a few more playful exceptions which range even further into the era of proto heavy metal. While this band certainly avoids all innovations, it refreshes the old demon with great ideas. The axework has been laid down very tastefully, the guitars are in tune with the spirit of true metal and send out their chords, blazing leads and warm melodies straight to the heart of the headbanging man. You might not get any more orthodox than this, but at the same time it is shining with elegance. METAL INQUISITOR are a timeless beauty, a real diamond among too many stones that might be goodlooking at the surface. This goes deeper. You can certainly say they wear their influences on their sleeves as they would not deny this. I can hear IRON MAIDEN from the first two records, I can hear even older JUDAS PRIEST when they still had to decide wether to become a grinding hardrock act or a raging metal beast. British metal, european metal, it is all in here. As I said, completely orthodox heavy metal music which holds the traditions high but refreshes them directly afterwards. Take a listen to this very uncomplicated stuff and you will catch the one or another harmony and melody. You hit the repeat button and suddenly all hell will be unleashed upon you as a firestorm of pure heavy metal breaks loose. You get sucked into a churning maelstrom of sound and magick and find yourself somewhere in a giant arena with a couple of thousand longhaired maniacs, screaming towards the stage on which thunder and lightning seem to manifestate in a five piece band with leather jackets and denim at their legs. Down to earth honest but always anthemic heavy metal music hits your soul and you become an abulic slave of steel, craving for poser blood."