GONKULATOR "Reborn Through Evil" 10" MLP

GONKULATOR "Reborn Through Evil" 10" MLP
    Code: FUDGE44
    Price: $10.99
    Label: Fudgeworthy Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Black Grind / Black Noise
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    It took the american psychos from Gonkulator 10 long years to spit out this new full-length and it’s stinking with a bunch of noise. Quite interesting feature of the album is that it’s divided into 2 parts (sides), each containing 5 tracks. Baron Side begins with epic music from a vintage 70s movie and then the evil begins. Gonkulator play noisy heavy dark metal with a few other influences mixed in there as well including good old fashioned punk thrown in the mix. On the A-side Gonkulator do some good brain-drilling noise and I love the bass. It sounds like some old metal grinding machine that they work into each track. Cemetery Side begins with a fast rhythm, a sort of raw metal and cave man punk with loud roaring vocals. There are also some slow atmospheric pieces that are still heavy and noisy as fuck. This side contains most of the old primitive raw metal as well. These are pressed on very nice looking black/white splattered wax!
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