KULT OF TAURUS "Divination Labyrinths" CD

KULT OF TAURUS "Divination Labyrinths" CD
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    Kult Of Taurus hail from Hellas. After the release of a demo,EP and split comes forth their debut album entitled "Divination Labyrinths". Unholy Luciferian Asceticism presented through a musical machine of elaborate chambers and soundscapes. Experimental black metal with a rage that keeps you through it all. I believe fans of bands like "Ved Buens Ende" but still enjoy an aggressive touch will find Kult Of Taurus to their desire for enriched unholy ascension. "Divination Labyrinths" noteably was also mixed and masterd by Vicotnik of Dodheimsgard fame in his studio in Norway, nicely mixed and produced.