SURGIKILL (Impetigo) "Sanguinary Revelations" CD

SURGIKILL (Impetigo) "Sanguinary Revelations" CD
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    SURGIKILL is spearheaded by the legendary Stevo from IMPETIGO and is inspired by all of the right stuff: the horror/gore atmosphere of Autopsy, the evil vibe of Incantation, the neck-breaking speed of Repulsion and Terrorizer, and the heaviness of old Scandinavian death metal such as Grave, Crematory, Funebre, and Demigod. Lyrically and concept-wise, SURGIKILL are inspired by the video nasties of the early '80s, old-school Italian horror, revenge films, post-apocalyptic images, and mental decay themes. SURGIKILL began in 2014 when Stevo from the legendary horror death metal band IMPETIGO began talking with his good friends Ash Thomas (currently of VLADIMIRS, SHED THE SKIN, and CRUCIFIED MORTALS) and Billy Nocera (Razorback Records, the label that helped foster tons of horror/gore metal bands from the late '90s onward). The three mutants have been friends since the early '90s death metal scene days and wanted to form a band that paid respect to the past but also embraced the future by creating an ultra-killer, fast, heavy, and morbid-gore Death Grinding Metal sound. They took all their influences and recorded a furious debut 10-song album that was a mix of all the great bands from the past but made it their own sound, as well, combining all of their influences from death metal, thrash, and grind, along with slow, bone-chilling doom passages to create songs that are stick-to-your-ribs CATCHY and SAVAGE at the same time. Look for an all-out ultra-deranged vocal onslaught that will have you calling the men in white coats to take you away to the lunatic asylum...but not before they bleed your eardrums dry! The album art for Sanguinary Revelations was hand painted the OLD SCHOOL way by the mighty Mario Lopez, who has drawn killer covers for bands such as Skeletal Remains, Evil Invaders, Possessor, and many more. As a special bonus SURGIKILL, has recorded the song "Planet of the Vampires," which was the final song that IMPETIGO ever worked on back in the early '90s but never recorded because they broke up in 1993. Stevo wrote the lyrics in 1991, and he finally got to use them for SURGIKILL - and now, after two decades, you can finally hear this legendary horror death metal song!