ESCARRE "Une Voute Sans Cles” CD

ESCARRE "Une Voute Sans Cles” CD
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    Label: Dusktone
    Nation: Canada
    Style: Avant-Garde / Black Metal
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    Drawing from a plethora of musical vocabularies to deliver an eerie and disturbing climate, Escarre could be considered as an avant-garde metal band. Very personal themes address the concepts of disease, drugs and spiritual visions. Ranging from calm moments to harsh ambiances, the intention is to initiate a mystical musical pilgrimage, through a misty and convoluted landscape. Experimentation and the refusal of dogmas are the cornerstones of our approach. Drawing influences from artists such as Ved Buens Ende, 8 bit music and Radiohead, Escarre displays a destabilizing and cathartic portrait.
    Formed in 1998, Escarre – then known as Esker – was at first a raw black metal band with french lyrics. Based in Québec City, Canada, the band produced demos and numerous shows in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s. After having reached a notable underground status, the band took a long hiatus before renewing it’s self with bold new ideas.