Code: DM028
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    Label: Demise / Napalm Records
    Nation: Austria
    Style: Epic Black Metal
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    Eighth full length! One track Sung completely in the black tongue, the language of the orcs!!! Silenius' and Protector's musical saga Summoning leads ever deeper into the world of the stories of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien. On "Oath Bound", the title of the most recent work, they once more deal with topics from the "Silmarillion," a collection of unfinished writings that portrays myths, legends, and gods from "The Lord of the Rings" and "The Little Hobbit”. In addition, the Austrian duo, among other legends from the "Silmarillion", devoted themselves to the exile of the Noldor (an archaic elven tribe) to the earth in the battle with the oppressor Bauglir (better known as Morgoth) around the Silmaril and finally in the victory over the Tyrants culminate. "Oath Bound" rings the "Fourth Age" Summoning. Last but not least, we refer to the song "Mirdautas Vras", written exclusively in the black language of Mordor ... ... a language that Gorthaur (the ancient name of Sauron) created for his subjects and their most famous fragment "Ash Nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul, ash nazg thrakatulûk, agh burzum-ishi krimpatul ". Majestic, epic & atmospheric Black Metal with Tolkien concepts! This Austrian band Kills!!! Summoning set the original standard that all atmospheric BM bands are still trying to reach today!
    Brazilian import version on Demise / Napalm Records!!!