INFERNAL LEGION "Under The Cloven Hoof" CD

INFERNAL LEGION "Under The Cloven Hoof" CD
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    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Death Metal
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      The Iconic Pacific Northwest Death Metal Legends INFERNAL LEGION return after a 7 year hiatus with their highly anticipated fourth album “Under The Cloven Hoof”. Surpassing the acclaim and critical praise of 2011’s “The Spear of Longinus”, INFERNAL LEGION make more than just a return, they firmly trample all under cloven hoof with unadulterated, 100% authentic and uncompromising True Death Metal.

       Heavy yet memorable riffing with melodic overtones in the classic Swedish tradition ala Dissection, anthemic hook-laden chorus and raging guitar solos are just a few of the qualities that make “Under The Cloven Hoof” an immediate Death Metal classic! With a crushing sound based upon the untouchable early 1990’s classic-era of US Death Metal and roots firmly planted in traditional 80’s Thrash (Infernal Majesty, classic Slayer), INFERNAL LEGION remains unfettered by trend shifts, restoring true Death Metal to a mighty, morbid craft. More importantly, INFERNAL LEGION know how to write actual songs - Something forgotten by the majority of todays so-called Death Metal Bands. Songs that stick in your mind, burn your soul and leave you trampled Under The LEGION’s Cloven Hoof !

       A Pacific Northwest Death Metal institution for over 18 years, INFERNAL LEGION Trample all that is Holy with their newest offering of Infernal Curses “Under The Cloven Hoof”!


    “Highly advanced yet still vicious Death Metal that rips and storms." -

    “An unending series of brutal riffs and complex guitar parts in solidly structured death metal salvos" -

    “A whirlwind of blasting, technically adept mayhem." -

    “A solid helping of blackened death metal that also does a nice job incorporating a little doomy melody" -

    * Highly anticipated fourth album from the Northwest Death Metal Icon !

    * National US Touring 2018: West coast March, Midwest April, East Coast May 2018

    * Stunning production courtesy of The Autopsy Room (Drawn & Quartered, Blood Ritual, Krohm).

    * Cult cover art by famed Tattoo Artist Doug Stern (Infernal Legion)!

    * A leading band of the new “revival” wave of True Death Metal.

    * Mandatory for fans of Deicide, Belphagor, Infernal Majesty, Morbid Angel, Incantation, Nile and Slayer.

    Track Listing: 

    1. Invocation 1 (1:02)
    2. Under A Massacre Moon (5:39)
    3. Mountain Of Human Sacrifice (5:02)
    4. In Hell We Reign (4:54)
    5. Invocation 2 (1:02)
    6. Ordained And Enslaved (6:33)
    7. Under The Cloven Hoof (4:20)
    8. Invocation 3 (0:24)
    9. At The Gates Of Blasphemy (5:40)
    Total Play Time 34:37

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