UNHUMAN DISEASE "De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis" CD

UNHUMAN DISEASE "De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis" CD
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    Price: $10.99
    Label: Moribund Records
    Nation: USA
    Style: Grim Black Metal
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    Three years in the making, cult US Black Metal icon UNHUMAN DISEASE invoke their long-awaited 7th full length album “De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis”. Unhumanly grim vocals, catchy ceremonial rhythms and pulse pounding drums overlaid with maleficently eerie guitar solos, all endeared with true Satanic lyrics that are so lacking in today’s black metal scene evoke the liturgy of Satan. A devilish attack of total Satanic black devotion culminating in 8 fanatical rituals of diabolical devoutness to the horned one! Through holy flames of perdition “De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis” Rises! Enter the Temple of the Serpent and behold the Magnificence of Satan !

    * Highly anticipated 7th album from USBM icon UNHUMAN DISEASE!
    * Features a killer production courtesy of Temple of Bones Studios (Unhuman Disease, Black Devotion, Forbidden Eye).
    * Cult cover art by sure to attract all discerning Black Metal fans.
    * Multiple headlining Festival appearances through-out 2016!
    * Features members of cult us acts Antichristian Kommando, Black Devotion, Forbidden Eye, ex-Thornspawn!
    * Mandatory for fans of Sargeist, Horna, Behexen, Inquisition, Masochist and Nightbringer!

    Track Listing:
    1. Maleficent Devoutness (4:47)
    2. Obscurity of Invocation (7:22)
    3. Inner Ascension to Incandescence (5:39)
    4. Behold the Magnificence of Satan (4:42)
    5. Accursed Ritual (5:02)
    6. Illuminated Eternal (5:40)
    7. Holy Flames of Perdition (4:57)
    8. De Templi Autem Veteris Serpentis (7:13)