CHASMA "Codex Constellatia" CD

CHASMA "Codex Constellatia" CD
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    Epic and abstract Cascadian Black Metalers return with their highly anticipated second album “Codex Constellatia”. 5 solar flares unleash 43 minutes of somber passages on a stellar scale that burst into Black Metal of a cosmic magnitude. Ethereal dark-energy transits contrast with super nova explosions and phase shift to infrared soundscapes that transcend space, time and matter. Decipher the codex and transverse the 12 houses of eternity !

    Track Listing:
    1. The Burning Shapeless (12:41)
    2. Solarsin: The Transgression of Helios (7:36)
    3. Forbidden Symmetry (3:28)
    4. Wormwood Horizon (11:51)
    5. Reflections Of A Bleeding Heaven (8:18)