THRALL "Vermin To The Earth" CD

THRALL "Vermin To The Earth" CD
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    THRALL made waves internationally with their bold "Away From the Haunts of Men" debut, but now the enigmatic Australian duo returns with the even darker, more treacherous and rocking "Vermin" . Grim and dissonant, breathing pestilence, "Vermin" is a black metalled ride across the wastelands of wretched modernity, rusting outward with desolate dirges, mid-tempo headbangers, and suicidal finality, every song a hymn to the downfall of the disease named man. THRALL's "Vermin" is coming for you!

    Pre-Listeneing: Oblivion

    * The most Rocking-Bad Ass Black Metal album since LEVIATHAN "Tentacles of Whorror" !!!
    * Highly anticipated second album from the new leader of Australian Black Metal!
    * Excellent production from Trent Griggs at The Gate Studios, Australia.
    * Mastered by Jack The Bear at Deluxe Mastering, Melbourne (After The Fall).
    * 12-page booklet with Metallic Gold ink printing.
    * Mandatory for fans of Leviathan, Deathspell Omega, Craft, Hiems and Nightbringer.

    "A mammoth voyage travelling through, amalgamating and punishing a relentless amount of musical influence and conceptual skill." –LURKER

    Track Listing:
    1. Vermin to the Earth
    2. Oblivion
    3. Disease’s Maiming Caress
    4. Plague of Man
    5. Mass Extinction
    6. Ecstasy not of the Flesh
    7. Vita Vacuus Voluntas