BAHIMIRON "Rebel Hymns Of Left Handed Terror" CD

BAHIMIRON "Rebel Hymns Of Left Handed Terror" CD
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    One of the underground's most unpredictable yet potent forces, American outlaw cult BAHIMIRON are always on the move, keeping everyone guessing whilst staying forever true to their twisted, hideous muse. The prime specimen being their highly anticipated third album, "Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror". Each BAHIMIRON full-length has been different than the one that preceded it, and here they dive deep into the most primitive, primeval black metal but then tear it asunder with haunting nuances entirely their own. Indeed, these are "Rebel Hymns of Left Handed Terror"!

    * Highly anticipated third album from the USBM war machine!
    * Cult cover art by John "Natten" Gonzalez (Chronophage).
    * Features a superbly grim production courtesy of Big Door Studios.
    * Features members of cult Death Metal icons Imprecation.
    * Mandatory for fans of Beherit, old Sarcofago, early Gorgoroth and Bestial Warlust!

    "Bahimiron storm through a tirade of titan slaughter." –ZERO TOLERANCE

    Track Listing:
    1. Anointed in Serpents Blood
    2. Goathorned Messiah of the 7 Gates
    3. Their Blood Shall Fill My Chalice
    4. Bestial Raids of Antichrist Darkness
    5. Wielder of Demon Blades
    6. Throes of Oblivion
    7. The Abattoir Inferno
    8. Rebel Hymns
    9. The Death of Divinity:
    I. Storm of Lucifer
    II. New Dawn Fades