HAERESIARCHS OF DIS "In Obsecration Of The Seven Darks" Digi CD

HAERESIARCHS OF DIS "In Obsecration Of The Seven Darks" Digi CD
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    After blazing trails with his "Denuntiatis Cinis" debut for MORIBUND and reaping unanimously fanatic praise from the international press, one-man maelstrom of miasmic misery HAERESIARCHS OF DIS returns with his hotly anticipated "In Obsecration of the Seven Darks". Taking the previous album to more epic and extreme ends, mainman Cernunnos summons forth a frightening and bold vision of black metal: the complexity more entangling, the experimental touches even further out there, the violence absolutely mesmerizing. HAERESIARCHS OF DIS now enters the uppermost echelon of black metal.

    Pre-Listeneing: In Obsecration of the Seven Darks

    "Nothing less than a meisterwerk... Electronic samples colliding with orchestral compositions, riffs as thick as old-growth forests taking divergent paths into Celtic folk, still falling under the banner of vile, disgust-spewing black metal." –Zero Tolerance

    "Not since the fall of EMPEROR has a band produced a truly symphonic black metal record and avoided comparison to the legends…brilliant" –TheMetalRegister.com

    "Hands down one of the more advanced and creatively twisted albums that I have heard in some time" –Worm Gear

    * Recommended for fans of Emperor, Immortal, DSO, Arcturus, Leviathan and Gorgoroth.