PSYCHO "Pain Addict Pigs" CD

PSYCHO "Pain Addict Pigs" CD
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    Singapore's "Pain Addict Pigs" PSYCHO unleash their deathly thrashing debut. Firmly fixated on sex, death, and Satan, across the headbanging whole of "Pain Addict Pigs", PSYCHO effortlessly combine the most ancient forms of Thrash, Death Metal, Black Metal and rock 'n' roll, all swathed in super-shredding guitar solos. What results is heavy metal horror that's both serious in intent and yet not without some sadistic glee, sounds that are both respectfully classic and yet totally modern.

    Pre-Listeneing: Mater Lachrymarum... Mother Of Tears

    * Cover art and layout/design by Arif Rot (Wormrot, Regurgitate, Devourment, Vomitous)!
    * Superb production from Focal Audio Studios (Iron Fist, Supernova, Wreakage)!
    * Anticipated debut album from Singapore’s premiere Thrash / Black / Death Metal act!
    * Highly recommended for fans of early Bathory, Abigail, Toxic Holocaust, Incubus and Destruction.

    "Harsh, primitive, and addictive as fuck" –Forbidden Magazine

    "A lot of great riffs and overall morbid atmosphere to be found from this half-an-hour experience that is wholeheartedly recommended to thrash/death/black metal old-schoolers" –

    "Catchy songs that will get high replay value in your music playlist... a very well-rounded release. The genres are merged seamlessly into very catchy compositions, something that seems to be a problem with newer bands approaching 'horror metal' these days" –

    "A sickness that is classic and interesting all to its own…If you a fan of SODOM, KREATOR, BATHORY, SLAYER and HELLHAMMER, then, my friends, this is the album for you" –Absolute Zero Media