THRALL "Away From The Haunts Of Men" Enhanced CD

THRALL "Away From The Haunts Of Men" Enhanced CD
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    THRALL take you "Away From the Haunts of Men" with their debut album, fusing old-school black metal rage with spacious doom soundscapes. A self-professed product of their bloodied, unforgiving Tasmanian environment, THRALL utilize their stark sound to create a textured landscape of dread and decay, of wild abandon and forlorn abandonment. Primitive and progressive at once, "Away From the Haunts of Men" is the embodiment of the contradiction of being inherently human yet anti-human.

    “‘Away From The Haunts of Man’ is a mammoth voyage lasting over 60 minutes, travelling through, amalgamating and punishing a relentless amount of musical influence and conceptual skill.” - LURKER

    * Enhanced CD featuring video clip for "Torrent Of Death"!
    * Excellent production from The Gate Studios, Australia.
    * Mastered by Rick O’Nell at Turtlerock Mastering.
    * Features guest appearances by Alex Pope (Ruins) and Trent Griggs (Throes)!
    * Highly recommended for fans of Sargeist, Leviathan, Craft, Satyricon and Dark Throne.