HAERESIARCHS OF DIS "Denuntiatus Cinis" CD

HAERESIARCHS OF DIS "Denuntiatus Cinis" CD
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    At once cacophonous and orchestral, dissonant and magisterial, raging one minute and reposed the next, amorphous yet firmly defined: HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS' "Denuntiatis Cinis" is an epic, envelope-pushing exploration of black metal aesthetics. The mysterious entity’s third album and Moribund debut, "Denuntiatis Cinis" takes black metal down complex corridors, each turn more twisted than the next, challenging the listener’s perceptions of what "black metal" can comprise whilst ignoring the rulebook altogether. Forget "post-black metal" – remember HÆRESIARCHS OF DIS Mandatory for fans of Emperor, Gorgoroth, early Ulver and Satyricon.