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    One of the original founders of the USBM sound, I SHALT BECOME’s "Wanderings" debut is considered a black metal classic. Second and third masterpieces "Requiem" and "The Pendle Witch Trials" transcended even it in their haunting, ghostly glory and mind-warping majesty. Now ISB return with their most adventurous work to date consisting of one 55 minute concerto divided into 10 movements. Uniting an original orchestrated classical composition with eerie depressive black metal, ISB venture into new and uncharted territory for themselves and the Black Metal scene as a whole. An epic exploration coalescing symphonic suicide and twisted orchestral black psychedelia crafting one of the most unique (black) metal albums to ever emerge … it’s Time to take your "Poison"!

    * Highly anticipated fourth album from one of the originators of the USBM sound!
    * Superb cover art by Marcelo HCV (Blood Stained Dusk, Absu, Vader)!
    * Excellent production from Winterland Studio (Azrael, American Headcharge).
    * Mastered at Nettleingham Audio (Leviathan, Sargeist, Necronoclast).
    * The most important band in US Black Metal history alongside Leviathan and Judas Iscariot!!!
    * Mandatory for fans of Burzum, Leviathan, Diabolical Masquerade, Xasthur and Judas Iscariot.

    MP3: No Quarter At The Somme