BLEEDING FIST "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus" MCD

BLEEDING FIST "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus" MCD
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    Reveling in the wake of destruction left by their second album and MORIBUND debut, "Bestial Kruzifix666ion", Slovenian cult BLEEDING FIST are on the offensive again with a quick-hitting MCD entitled "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus". With a mission operative to "get in, get out, DESTROY," BLEEDING FIST further cement their reputation as bestial metal’s most violent new band. Featuring chaotically thrashing riffs sent into overdrive with nuclear ultra-violence and seriously disturbed vocals, "Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus" will surely raise a macabre beast from the abyss!

    * Sick cover art by Sickness 666 (Impiety, Tyrants Blood)!
    * Guitar Solo on “Messiah” performed by Andy Bull (Italian black/thrash legend BULLDOZER!).
    * Features cult cover of HELLHAMMER’s “Messiah”.
    * Mandatory for fans of Beherit, Impiety, Ayat, Archgoat and Bestial Warlust!

    MP3: Invocation Into Devils Flesh