BROWN JENKINS "Death Obsession" CD

BROWN JENKINS "Death Obsession" CD
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    Following last year’s critically acclaimed “Angel Eyes”, BROWN JENKINS’ latest “Death Obsession” is mainman UA’s magnum opus and final descent into the abyss. Elevating his drone-tone, funeral tinged black metal with abstract intricacies, “Death Obsession” gestates hazy distortion and psychedelic textures into a mesmerizing atmosphere far more desolate than any other conventional “black metal” band. BROWN JENKINS alchemically alters ghostly death-dirges like no other... breathe your last breath and quench your obsession!
    * Third album from one of the most innovative US Black Metal Band!
    * Mandatory for fans of Godflesh, Voi Vod, Leviathan, Earth, Deathspell Omega, Sunn O))) and Swans.

    “Think HELLHAMMER and BURZUM but also picture the unwavering heaviness of avant-garde forefathers SWANS and EARTH” –REVOLVER
    “Sounds like a theoretical collaboration between Justin Broadrick [GODFLESH/JESU] and Quorthon [BATHORY]” –DECIBEL
    “Feels like walking through a river of molasses with broken glass on its surface!” –DIRT CULTURE

    MP3: Ashes In Her Mouth [Edit]