IN MEMORIUM "Lost To Antiquity" CD

IN MEMORIUM "Lost To Antiquity" CD
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    Killer new album by the Northwest Dark Metal Gods featuring cult USBM vocalist Mike Nihilist (Thy Infernal, Abazagorath, Lord Gore)! Spawned amidst the grim hinterlands of the Pacific Northwest, for a decade IN MEMORIUM have been synonymous with blackened, death-worshipping Dark Metal. Now, six years after the cult and critically acclaimed "From Misery...Comes Darkness" debut, IN MEMORIUM have awakened to unleash "Lost to Antiquity" – seven of their darkest compositions ever created, descending further down into the stygian depths of sheerest morbidity!

    Mandatory for fans of Dissection, Wolves In The Throne Room, Marduk, Book Of The Black Earth and 1349.

    "The warring five-piece generate a tightly-wound racket of apocalyptic blasts, double-picked lightning riffs, rich melodies and infernal atmosphere. Indeed, In Memorium 2009 will knock you on your ass, set you on fire and piss out the flames for sheer amusement. Crushing." — Liz Ciavarella/METAL MANIACS

    MP3: Discipline