HORDE OF HEL "Blodskam" CD

HORDE OF HEL "Blodskam" CD
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    HORDE OF HEL is a mysterious, clandestine collective of Swedish black/death metal scene legends, and "Blodskam" is their highly anticipated debut. Epic and expansive, "Blodskam" is an adventurous collision of blackened melodies, industrial metal power, and martial atmosphere, all grimly sung in a mixture of English and band’s native tongue. Witness the new Swedish revolution!

    * Recorded by John Odhinn Sandin (Odhinn, In Battle).
    * Mastered by Magnus Devo Andersson (Marduk) @ Endarker Studio’s
    * Cover art and booklet design by Mortuus (Marduk).

    MP3: Legacy Of Vengeance
    MP3: Visdomen Kallas Doden