ARCKANUM "Antikosmos" A5 Super Jewel CD Lim. Ed. 3,000

ARCKANUM "Antikosmos" A5 Super Jewel CD Lim. Ed. 3,000
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    Swedish black metal legends ARCKANUM return with their first new album in 10 years! A deviant and defiant brew, Antikosmos bristles with the ancient woodland energy of ARCKANUM’s celebrated Necropolis albums but is imbued with a newfound sense of chaos and complexity. Austere as it is mesmerizing, Antikosmos reclaims ARCKANUM’s once-vacated throne with a swarming maelstrom of anti-cosmic forces. First 3,000 units as A5 Super Jewel case CD with oversized booklet!

    Recorded at Sunlight Studio and features guest guitar and additional vocals by Sethlans Teitan (Watain, Dissection). Band leader Shamaatae was the drummer of legendary band Grotesque (became AT THE GATES!).

    MP3: Nakjeptir