GRIMBANE "Let The Empires Fall" CD

GRIMBANE "Let The Empires Fall" CD
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    Grim Canadian Black Metal heralding civilization’s end! Imagine early Judas Iscariot mixed with the melodies of Thy infernal, brutalized with a Ross-Bay (or modern Finnish) Black-Metal Inverted-Cross!

    The moniker GRIMBANE may be brand-new and virtually unheard-of, but the band actually comprises hardened veterans of the pre-internet black/death metal scene: vocalist/guitarist Barbarous (ne Ace Gestapo Necrosleezer And Vaginal Commands of the legendary Blasphemy; also was in Procreation, Necrosleezer, and Godless North), bassist Madonna Slayer (Procreation), guitarist Sordid (Anti Christ), and drummer Hedon (Anti Christ). With steely resolve and an iron fist, the four members of GRIMBANE have converged to create a massive debut of violent-yet-tuneful black METAL. Fittingly titled Let the Empires Fall, the record destroys any and all preconceptions of what these four individuals “should” play or record: GRIMBANE are here to forge a new future, to wield the spear of destiny, whilst distilling the teachings of the ancient masters.
    The loose ‘n’ lusty surge behind "Let the Empires Fall" is similarly straightforward. Every element is crucial, serving its noble purpose: menacingly articulate vocals command the hordes; riffs rock rhythmically yet flow with icy fluidity; bass and drums lock into blasts and marches alike, keeping a dynamic undercurrent; and even acoustic guitars make an occasional appearance, blowing fell winds of eldritch dread. GRIMBANE, basically, intrinsically understand the Power of Song. And every song on "Let the Empires Fall" is a veritable anthem in its own right.
    When so many Scandinavian black metal bands rest on fading glories – or, more accurately, “glories” well past their expiration date – GRIMBANE step forward with their own arsenal of glory, unconcerned by their own rich past but simply focused on conquering the future. Let the Empires Fall indeed: GRIMBANE will march over you.