AZRAEL "Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat" 2xCD

AZRAEL "Act III: Self + Act IV: Goat" 2xCD
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    Post-rock, prog, psychedelia, neo-folk, jazz-fusion, and of course black metal: Post-BM power-duo AZRAEL leave no stone unturned in their quest for the ultimate in forward-thinking, rule-breaking Black Art! Sure to be seated alongside such masters as LEVIATHAN, AGALLOCH, ULVER, DEATH IN JUNE, and classic BETHLEHEM! Specially priced, these two brand-new albums display the boundless depth of the band’s vast yet uncompromising vision. Experimental Ambient Dissonant and Atmospheric POST-MODERN US BLCK METAL GODS! "Burning... This is the blackest metal played at occult rock tempo. Perpetually dark." - METAL MANIACS “Azrael transcends conventional standards of 'metal' - much less 'music' –into that BEYOND-region of otherworldly language.” - UNRESTRAINED!