XASTHUR "To Violate The Oblivious" CD

XASTHUR "To Violate The Oblivious" CD
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    The colossal fourth album from the US DSBM god available again!

    Xasthur ‘s colossal fourth album, “To Violate The Oblivious”, originally released in 2005, available again for the first time since 2019! A major influence on the USBM and international DSBM (Depressive Suicidal Black Metal) scene, and a contemporary of such acts as Wolves in the Throne Room, Leviathan, Nachtmystium and Krieg.
    Following his praised Moribund Records debut, “Telepathic with the Deceased”, the ever prolific Malefic returned a year later with his fourth CD of transcendental US Black Metal. Without a doubt his darkest, most intrusive effort, “To Violate the Oblivious” is a jewel in the crown of mesmerizing US Black Metal.

    The fourth CD of mesmerizing USBM. With out a doubt his darkest, most penetratingly best effort! Remastered and bonus track not on THR release!

    PRESS: "The black metal equivalent to a Sergio Leone epic masterpiece film! Not of this world..." - BWBK "Black-f**king-metal of a most arcane, ageless nature!" - METAL MANIACS