AZRAEL "Into Shadows Act I: Denial" CD

AZRAEL "Into Shadows Act I: Denial" CD
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    Dark and ghostly. Obscure and original. Cold and cruel. Cult and extreme. These are all images conveyed by the mysterious, innovative and artistic Invocations of AZRAEL. With their inventive and spell- binding full-length debut, AZRAEL conjure mystery and imagination through Post-Modern Black Metal Epics. Encompassing swathes of poignant strings and acoustic guitars while utilizing doom and psychedelic rock elements to create atmosphere x 100!! Delve deep into the meaning of existence and reach for the unearthly spiritual realms... ...the most pronounced excesses of Ved Buens Ende, Fleurety, and even Dark Metal-era Bethlehem get distorted ?n? distended beyond recognition, beyond comprehension?frankly, just fucking beyond.? ? UNRESTRAINED!