HOLY TERROR "The Guardians of the Netherworld" CD

HOLY TERROR "The Guardians of the Netherworld" CD
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    Label: Dark Descent
    Nation: USA
    Style: Thrash Metal
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    One of the most underrated bands from the late 80's, Holy Terror had a unique sound unlike any of their peers. Led by ex-AGENT STEEL's Kurt Kilfelt and his unconventional, complex and catchy guitar melodies, and Keith Deen's amazing and original vocal style, Holy Terror had forged their own innovative and distinct sound! Sadly Keith lost his battle with cancer in 2012.
    The CD features the band's amazing 1986 demo, carefully mastered from the original analog source as well as two complete, unreleased live soundboard recordings from the band's extensive touring days! Featuring cover artwork from Rick Araluce, who painted both covers for the band's 2 full length albums "Terror and Submission" and "Mind Wars" as well as their "El Revengo" compilation.