RITUAL NECROMANCY "Oath of the Abyss" Digi CD

RITUAL NECROMANCY "Oath of the Abyss" Digi CD
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    Following a vicious four-track demo; Portland's Ritual Necromancy began the ground-work for their full-length, the soon-to-be titled "Oath of the Abyss.” Early on it was quite evident that Ritual Necromancy wasn’t the type of band that was going to lift the spirits of the listener with easy going music. The eerie cover art for “Oath of the Abyss,” created by Josh McAlear, is an early indication of the type of punishing treat the recipient shall receive. With no compromise, “Oath of the Abyss” is a murky and sinister debut that delivers exhausting and suffocating death metal in spades. Eight tracks; thirty-eight minutes – “Oath of the Abyss” is a reminder that beneath metal’s crusty exterior lies hidden gems that still can be uncovered if a listener is willing to look hard enough.