TOBY KNAPP "The Architect of Paradox" Digi CD

TOBY KNAPP "The Architect of Paradox" Digi CD
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    Price: $9.99
    Label: Crushing Notes
    Nation: United States
    Style: Heavy Metal
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    "Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed Waxen album, guitar wizard Toby Knapp (Shrapnel Records, Moribund Records, Century Media) returns with a jaw dropping display of neoclassical chops rich in world class vibrato and legato technique. Knapp delivers an instrumental album of furious guitar solos enveloped in catchy Heavy Metal composition. If you were a fan of Knapp's "Polarizing Lines" or the classic 80's Shrapnel shred- this is not to be missed!" Pro packaged in a glossy digipak complete with silver disc and stunning cover artwork courtesy of Moribund Records president, Odin Thompson." -Crushing Notes "Knapp gnaws at his solos like a carnivorous Malmsteen"- Guitar World "Toby Knapp remains one of metal's unappreciated geniuses." THE METAL CRYPT 2015